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Pisces Pool & Construction, Corp.

Miami Dade & Broward Phone: 305-968-6647

Miami Dade & Broward Phone: 786-444-1550

Southwest FL area: 239-281-1481


Hector Ramos, FL

"The Pisces pool crew just finished our pool and in record time - despite the usual permit and inspections interruptions. They are incredibly knowledgeable, informative, patient to explain the process and accommodate requests, and they are dedicated to completion without delay. They helped us navigate challenges with permits from the City, they have a well coordinated team, they are courteous, respectful, accountable and reliable. Building a pool in your yard is a lot too manage, but the Pisces team made the process painless. Highly recommended. Thank you!!"

Christopher Bate, FL

"Pisces Pool did an excellent job completing our pool ahead of schedule (construction from start to finish took less than 50 days) and on budget. We even added additional scope to include the installation of pavers and turf by Pisces and they still finished earlier than projected to accommodate a scheduled family event at our house! Jonathan from Pisces was very easy to work with and well organized which made construction run smoothly and quickly. I would highly recommend Pisces Pool to anyone looking for a pool contractor, they are the exception to all the horror stories you hear about pool contractors."

Manny Casais, FL

"My Family and I would like to Thank the Pisces Pool Construction Team first for their Professionalism and second for their extensive attention to detail and committed workmanship. This team was reliable on work schedules and timelines.

While you always hear night
mare stories about contractors, we have been extremely fortunate to have dealt with Pisces Pool Construction.

Thank You Jonathan and to the rest of your team for making our dream a reality!!!


Florida Karate Club, FL

"The best pool service in Miami. Hector and his team will start the construction and your pool will be done and record time. 100% recommended."

RG Guz, FL

"I highly recommend Pisces Pool services. They were always on time from the first moment they started working. My pool was ready in less than 3 months, way sooner than it normally takes. Hector maintains good communication with his clients even after the job is done. He is always available for any doubt or question. It took me a long time to decide on a company to do my project and there is no doubt that it was the best choice. Good quality and service in general!!"

Giovanni Vega, FL

"Highly recommended !!! In just 45 days Hector and his crew made my pool without any setbacks... excellent customer service... today more than a year later... I contacted Hector because I had a small water leak in one of the pipes and in the ichlor .. I called him and the next day he showed up and he solved the problem.. he contacted Pentair for the guarantee... and they didn't charge me a single dollar... hector, thank you very much for your professionalism and excellent customer service!!"
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